Welcome to Care Pro Solutions


A Florida Corporation . . .


Care Pro Solutions was formed in December of 2016.  The Company is a direct to consumer product development and marketing corporation.

The Company's focus is . . .


on bringing disruptive consumer products having wide mass appeal to market by utilizing patented technologies developed by scientists at Columbia University exclusively lecnsed to the Company.

Our new product . . .


offering is Z Clear, an anti-acne formulation of a four product regimen based on the patented anti-acne formula ZYTRELPLUS, developed by Columbia University  and exclusively licensed by The Trustees of the University to the Company.

Z Clear + ZYTRELPLUS is . . .


the first new FDA OTC approved approach to treating acne in over 25 years, replacing outdated and harmful technology.  We call this regimen THE NEW ERA IN ACE TREATMENT.

The Company's Commitment is . . .


to social awareness is reflected in its policy to contribute upwards of 10% of its profits to organizations and charitable foundations devoting their attention to combating bullying, cyber bullying and any form of organized anti diversity behavior.

In the pipeline . . .


is a new line of anti bacterial and anti viral sanitizers, cleansers, and disinfectants, based on Columbia product development and patents.