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From time to time, there are dramatic alterations to the perceived status quo. Benzoyl Peroxide for 40 years has been the key ingredient in products treating acne, although it has become synonymous with burning, itching, blotchy skin, bleaching of hair, clothing, sheets, pillow cases and towels, etc. At long last, a New Era in Acne Treatment is about to begin with Z Clear. What is the genius behind Z Clear? - - ZYTRELPLUS   The phenomenal technology that changes all that. ZYTRELPLUS is a remarkably effective, all natural botanical based anti-acne technology  reflecting a new era in the treatment of acne. ZYTRELPLUS is the revolutionary foundation of Z Clear.

The scientists at Columbia University's College of Physicians & Surgeons have developed a patented zinc-based umbrella technology providing anti-irritant, anti-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and preservative free systems known as ZYTRELPLUS.

ZYTRELPLUS creates a film matrix on the skin which prevents permeation of irritants through the skin by trapping them in the matrix.  Zinc salts from ZYTRELPLUS bind with irritants which form compounds that are too large to penetrate skin pores anymore.  Therefore, soluble zinc ions from ZYTRELPLUS attach to skin cell surface proteins preventing allergens from reaching the skin cells.  This action dramatically reduces skin irritation and provides prolonged antimicrobial efficacy.  

ZYTRELPLUS (i) significantly reduces irritation  products containing ingredients that normally irritate the skin; (ii) enhances the function of anti-microbial products; (iii) enhances delivery of active ingredients; and (iv) replaces traditional preservatives to make a "preservative free" system.

ZYTRELPLUS's  broad based formulation, versatility and anti-microbial compatibility make it an ideal compound to be included in the Company's Care pro DermaPlex Acne Treatment.  

ZYTRELPLUS is gentler to the skin, promotes healing, and reduces dryness and stinging.  

ZYTRELPLUS's patented zinc and emollient systems are synergistic with anti-mirrobials and preservatives, enhancing anti-microbial efficacy while adding moisture to the skin.  

ZYTRELPLUS Technology (i) kills 99.99% of germs in as little as 15 seconds and can last up to 4 hours; (ii) eliminates causes of irritation and helps reduce skin damage; (iii) retains skin moisture and reduces water loss allowing the skin to heal faster; and (iv) rapidly kills a wider range of pathogens than current products on the market.